Bringing Special Needs Children to the Dentist

3 Sep 2020


A 6-year-old patient, Noah who is autistic and hyperactive was in need of dental treatment. Due to his condition, he would be very difficult to handle in the clinic, so the next option is to undergo treatment with general anaesthesia in the operation theatre (OT).  

After seeing three different dental specialists, finally, Noah’s parents took him to see Dr. Nazatul Sabariah, our Consultant Paediatric Oral Health who was able to treat him as she also specializes in treating dental care for special needs children. 

On this episode of Helo Doktor, let’s see how our dedicated team of nurses and specialists handled dental treatment for those patients with special needs.   Dental checkups and treatments are available at our Little Dino Dental Clinic for kids as early as 1 year old. 

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Credit: Helo Doktor TV3