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Diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, cancer and kidney disorders are often “silent killers” and are largely lifestyle related. However, through regular health screening early detection is now possible. These diseases can be prevented or treated, minimising your risk of being burdenend with complications of these life threatening diseases.

To help you stay healthy, we at DEMC Specialist Hospital believe that wellness must be a way of life; therefore to support your wellbeing there should be ongoing annual health screening.

At DEMC Specialist Hospital we provide not only basic to comprehensive packages, designed for your total wellness and to cater to your needs but also advice for improving health and lifestyle issues.

The DEW Wellness Center is located on the 1st Floor, where you will be seen by our doctors in a comfortable setting.


How it is done?

The overall programme will be conducted by a coordinator that is specially trained and the programme is divided into two categories:

Part 1

  • Diagnostic Examination.
  • Starts at 8 AM to 4 PM Monday -Friday8-12 PM on Saturday.
  • Patient will be asked to fast 10 pm (the night before) to take blood samples for ‘Fasting Blood Sugar’ and ‘Fasting Cholesterol’.
  • Followed by Chest X-Ray Examination and Electrocardiograph.
  • Total 2 hours to complete overall session.

Part 2

  • Scheduled at least 5/7 days prior to Part 1 programme.
  • Physician will screen the results and examine you.
  • Advise and recommendation will be given accordingly.

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