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AVISENA Home Care is affiliated with AVISENA Specialist Hospital and provides comprehensive home care services. It offers a wide range of services for transitional or continued care, because being in the comfortable surroundings of home often enhances a patient’s well being and recovery. Whether your needs are basic assistance or highly specialized care, you can trust the professional staff at AVISENA Home Care to provide state-of-the art personalized care to meet your specific health care needs.

After discharged from the hospital, you may be eligible for home care services. Your doctors can determine if you still require medical care and if home care is appropriate to aid in your recovery. Once your doctor orders these services, the home care nurse at the hospital will help arrange for the home care needed after discharge.

Our comprehensive services enable you to stay in the comfort and security of your home during times of recuperation, disability, and chronic or terminal illness. Our caring professionals create individualized plans of care to promote and maintain the independence and well- being of our patients and their families.

About Our Home Care Services

The AVISENA Home Care is able to customize care for people who prefer to stay at home but who need ongoing care in the home. In selecting our Home Care Services, you have access to any of the following :

  1. Skilled services for homebound patients who require care by a nurse or a physiotherapist. Among the common diagnoses for use of home health services are:
    • All maternity cases routine post natal visits & newborn care including monitor all high risk cases whom need close attention.
    • Post natal massage.
    • Post Surgical care patient who required wound care / dressing changes.
    • Disease management eg: Vital signs & Glucose monitoring ( patient with Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus).
    • Naso-gastric tube management and care.
    • Urinary catheter insertion male and female.
    • Rental of equipment such as Nebulizer machine.
  2. Antenatal support, Post-natal massages and exercises, Baby touch therapy and Home Photo Therapy.
  3. Specialty nurse consultants are also available to assist in the following areas:
    • Diabetes Wound
    • Continence

Contact Information:

Service Hours

  • Monday – Friday : 8:30am – 4:30pm
  • Saturday : 8:30am – 12:30pm
  • Sunday & Public Holidays : Closed

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