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We’re leveraging on software and technologies to stay
ahead of the game

Digitally-driven healthcare

Avisena Healthcare is supported by digital transformations to improve processes and workflows, keep productivity at an optimum and enhance administrative functions.

Innovation is the way forward in the ever-evolving healthcare industry and by implementing smart technology, we can make every visit a hassle-free, seamless experience for our patients and our teams. The establishment of our very own in-house think tank, the Software Development and Innovation (SDI) team, is a step forward in this direction.

A growing portfolio of smart innovations

TrueCare2U App

An award-winning digital platform designed to offer professional, personalised and convenient access to healthcare providers and medical treatments, all from the comfort of home.

By ensuring impeccably coordinated care delivered by advanced technology, our teams can be there for you in times of need, even if it means being there virtually.

Avisena Healthcare App

A mobile app to manage a key expectation of our patients by giving clear estimates of waiting times upon registration. This allows them to better manage their time and enjoy a more relaxed experience within our facilities.

This also means lesser crowds and queues at the waiting areas, ensuring even more safety and comfort for all.

Avisena HIS Management App

The advanced Hospital Information System (HIS) is a super app which is accessible via smart mobile devices, allowing easy monitoring of operations and quick decision-making.

It is developed to equip management teams and department heads with daily real-time data of hospital operations such as number of patients, sales performance, electricity consumption details, purchasing data and availability of manpower.

Operating Theatre Management System (OTMS)

Designed to drive efficiency in resource management, the app is a necessity considering the high risk, complex and resource-intensive nature of OT processes.

With this technology in place we are able to consistently deliver high-quality patient care, monitor efficient use of resources and save time by allowing very quick access to critical details.

Behind the scenes:
experience, insights and passion

The SDI team consists of specialists in Computer Science and Information Technology, each with focused expertise in software programming, back and front-end development as well as mobile app development.